Polyethylene Foam Insulation Pipe Manufacturing

What is Polyethylene Foam Insulation Pipe?

It is an efficient insulation tool that prevents heat loss in heating installations, heat gain and condensation in cooling installations. In accordance with the pipe diameters, 2 m. tall.

Why use Polyethylene Foam Insulation Pipe?

Our high density pipes with optimum cell structure are used in hot or cold lines to reduce heat loss or gain. Due to its prefabricated pipe shape, it is the most economical insulation material providing convenience in application.

Product Details

Polyethylene Foam Insulation Pipe

O-PROFILE 22/10 22 mm 10 mm 115 pc 230 mt
O-PROFILE 28/10 28 mm 10 mm 90 pc 180 mt
O-PROFILE 35/10 35 mm 10 mm 65 pc 130 mt
O-PROFILE 42/10 42 mm 10 mm 50 pc 100 mt
O-PROFILE 48/10 48 mm 10 mm 45 pc 90 mt
O-PROFILE 60/10 60 mm 10 mm 30 pc 60 mt
O-PROFILE 76/10 76 mm 10 mm 24 pc 48 mt
O-PROFILE 89/10 89 mm 10 mm 20 pc 40 mt
O-PROFILE 114/10 114 mm 10 mm 12 pc 24 mt

Product Photos

You can contact us for sample requests from our contact page.

Special productions can be made if there are sufficient quantities. Different colors are available, you can contact us for order.
  • Closed pores.
  • It is neutral in odor and taste.
  • Does not react with air.
  • Does not ignite and does not carry flame.
  • Vapor permeability and moisture absorption are negligible and prevents condensation, thus protecting against corrosion.

Kare-Yalıtım TSE Quality Certificates



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