Polyethylene Foam Package Manufacturing

What is Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam; It is an economical material which is necessary for the packaging of export products which can be easily applied to prevent breakage, impacts and scratches during transportation and transportation of materials. It provides great convenience for companies in domestic shipments.

Why use Polyethylene Foam Package?

It is a recyclable material that is used to avoid damage and easy transportation of the products produced. It is used in furniture sector, automobile, industry, electronics, lighting and many other sectors.

Product Details

Polyethylene Foam U-Profile

U-PROFILE 55/10/15 55 mm 10 mm 15 mm 10 mm
U-PROFILE 55/10/20 55 mm 10 mm 20 mm 11 mm 150 pc 300 mt
U-PROFILE 55/10/30 55 mm 10 mm 30 mm 11 mm 125 pc 250 mt
U-PROFILE 55/10/40 55 mm 10 mm 40 mm 12 mm 75 pc 150 mt
U-PROFILE 55/10/50 55 mm 10 mm 50 mm 12 mm 75 pc 150 mt
U-PROFILE 55/10/60 55 mm 10 mm 60 mm 12 mm 60 pc 120 mt

Polyethylene Profile V-Profile

V-PROFILE 50/6 50 mm 6 mm 10 mm 150 pc 300 mt
V-PROFILE 75/16 75 mm 16 mm 18 mm 75 pc 150 mt

Product Photos

You can contact us for sample requests from our contact page.

Special productions can be made if there are sufficient quantities. Different colors are available, you can contact us for order.
  • Kapalı gözeneklidir.
  • It is neutral in odor and taste.
  • Does not react with air.
  • Does not ignite and does not carry flame.

Kare-Yalıtım TSE Quality Certificates



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