Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) Kare Yalıtım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Kare Yalıtım”) and cookies will be used as specified in this Policy during your visit to the website.

1. What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files created on your device by a website and contain data in name-value format. Cookies; It makes it possible for the website you visit to store information on your device and to use this stored information by the website during your next visits. Cookies created by a website are stored by the web browser you use to access the site, and remote access to the information contained in the cookies is only possible by the websites offered under the domain name that created the cookie (eg and if you use the same browser.

Cookies have become an important part of web technologies today and their basic functions are; It is the recognition of the device by remembering the visitor and his preferences. Almost every website uses cookies.

2. Types of Cookies

Cookies created by the website you are visiting and can only be read by that website are primary cookies. The content offered on the site visited may also be available through domain names other than the domain in the access address (for example, viewing content hosted on a video platform via a social media site); in this case, each domain name may create its own unique third-party cookies.

3. What Purpose Are Cookies Used For? We use cookies for the purposes listed below;

  • To remember your navigation and usage preferences during your visit to our website (eg display language, etc.), to facilitate the use of our website and to customize our website according to your preferences;
  • To ensure the proper functioning of various features and functions of our website (e.g. keeping you logged in, embed dynamic content, etc.);
  • Gathering non-personal, general information about how our website is used by our visitors, such as the most clicked links, most visited pages, and the number of error messages viewed, and analyzing this information to render faulty pages, improve our website, and remove unpreferred pages or improve.

The data we collect through cookies is not used for the purposes of identifying your identity, personal profiling and targeting, or tracking your internet activities outside of our website. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy, and all relevant transactions are carried out in accordance with data protection legislation. For more detailed information about the processing of your personal data by us, please read the Clarification Text.

4. Types of Cookies

Cookie TypeDescription
Session CookiesSession cookies are cookies that are valid during your use of the website and remain valid until the web browser is closed.
Persistent CookiesThese cookies are cookies that are stored in your browser and remain valid until they are deleted by you or until their expiration date.
Mandatory CookiesThese cookies are mandatory for the website to function properly and for you to benefit from the features of the website and the services offered.
Functional and Analytical CookiesThese are cookies that are used for purposes such as remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the site to respond to your requests, and containing data about how you use the site. Due to their nature, these types of cookies may contain your personal data. For example, cookies that save your site’s display language preference are functional cookies.
Tracking CookiesTracking cookies are primary and third-party cookies created during your visit to our website and third-party domains. These cookies make it possible to track your click and visit history in the domains where they were created, and to match these records between different domains. These types of cookies are used for the purpose of recognizing and profiling users, targeting advertising and marketing activities and customizing the content. These cookies will not be used to identify you or make personal decisions.

Various cookies are used on Kare Yalıtım’s website, these cookies provide information about;

Name of CookiePurpose of UsageStorage Time
_gaIt is used to distinguish users.2 years
_gatPermission is used to monitor/restrict request rates.10 minutes
_gidIt is used to distinguish users.24 hours
_lscache_varyIt is used for a faster website visiting experience of the user.48 hours

5. Management of Cookies

Web browsers usually accept cookies automatically. The use of cookies is not mandatory to use our website, but if you set your browser not to accept cookies, the quality of your user experience may decrease and various functions of our sites may be impaired.

Your browser; You can configure it to block cookies for all or specific sites, to alert when a cookie is set, to block third-party cookies, or to count all cookies as session cookies. In addition, you can delete cookies through your browser or view the list and values of cookies stored in your browser. For detailed information about the cookie management functions of your browser, please click on the relevant link below and get information from your browser’s website.

6. More About Cookies and Our Cookie Policy

Visitors who want to get more detailed information about cookies are recommended to visit

If you would like more information about our cookie policy, you can contact us through one of the following channels;

• By mail: Demirci Köyü Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Kadir Bozkurt Caddesi No:14/1 SİNOP
• By E-Mail: [email protected]